National Pie Day

is certainly a day to celebrate.

I’ve had my fair share of  traditional and crafty pies from all over the states, so I’d have to admit that I am rather fond of just a good ol’ fashion traditional pie. There is something magical about the craft of such simple ingredients that one cannot deny the tastiness and satisfaction you get from having a slice. So, as it be, I hopped on the train to my favorite local pie shop, The Blue Stove, and asked for a slice of warm apple pie to celebrate this wonderful holiday. The perfect crust, the soft (not soggy!) apple filling and cinnamon glazed top made both my mouth and stomach happy.

Apple Pie

To bring you safely and happily in to this holiday over the web, I’ve listed some pie-related sites that will make you pie-ready.

Making the BEST Pie Crust: Pie Crust 101 | Pie Crust 102 by Smitten Kitchen
Reading Pie Books: Pie: A Global History by J. Clarkson | A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies by A. English
Serving the Community through Pies: Pies for Peace
Eating Pies: Top Ten Pie Shops in the US

Happy National Pie Day!


Gobbled Up

Lately, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been engulfed by New York City. My mind, time and emotions have been wrinkled, wrapped, and tied to this city. To me, this is more a fault than a romantic appeal of a love of a city.


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